Basics for Lien and Bond Claims for Suppliers in Florida

Basics for Lien and Bond Claims for Suppliers in Florida

Dive into the latest episode of TheLienZone Podcast, where host Alex Barthet demystifies lien and bond claims for suppliers working with subcontractors in Florida. Discover the importance of sending a Notice to Owner (NTO), the role of Direct Purchase Orders (DPOs), and the limitations on lien rights for public jobs.

📌 Key takeaways:

  • The significance of sending an NTO for suppliers in Florida
  • How a DPO impacts lien rights
  • Navigating the limitations on liens for public jobs and exploring alternatives

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into Florida construction law and better protect your business.

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About Alex Barthet

Alexander Barthet is a board certified construction attorney in Florida and holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering.  He manages The Barthet Firm, a ten lawyer construction law firm in Miami, and maintains a construction law blog at He can be reached at 305-347-5295 or