The Impact of “Pay-When-Paid” Clauses on Your Construction Project

The Impact of “Pay-When-Paid” Clauses on Your Construction Project

In the latest episode of TheLienZone Podcast, host Alex Barthet delves into the implications of “Pay-When-Paid” provisions in construction contracts. Discover how these clauses can cause payment delays and financial strain for subcontractors and suppliers, potentially leading to further complications and even legal disputes.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding “Pay-When-Paid” provisions and their potential impact on payment timelines
  • The domino effect of payment delays and financial strain on the project
  • How to navigate these clauses to protect your interests

Stay ahead of potential challenges by understanding these critical contract clauses.

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Alexander Barthet is a board certified construction attorney in Florida and holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He manages The Barthet Firm, a ten lawyer construction law firm in Miami, and maintains a construction law blog at He can be reached at 305-347-5295 or