Start Succession Planning in 3 Easy Steps with Dena Cordova Jack of Misura Group

Start Succession Planning in 3 Easy Steps with Dena Cordova Jack of Misura Group

In this episode of TheLienZone Podcast, host Alex Barthet sits down with Dena Cordova Jack, Vice President at Misura Group, to discuss the importance of succession planning for businesses in the construction industry. Dena shares her expertise on this crucial topic and provides listeners with three easy steps to begin planning for a smooth and successful transition.

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About Alex Barthet

Alexander Barthet is a board certified construction attorney in Florida and holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering.  He manages The Barthet Firm, a ten lawyer construction law firm in Miami, and maintains a construction law blog at He can be reached at 305-347-5295 or

About Dena Cordova-Jack

Dena Cordova Jack is the Vice President at Misura Group, where she brings her passion for organizational development and setting companies up for success. With a strong belief in the importance of a solid People Strategy, Dena is committed to helping businesses achieve their operational goals while fostering a positive company culture. As an advocate for Servant Leadership, she empowers her clients to be a part of the solution, driving meaningful change in their organizations and ultimately contributing to a better world. Dena can be reached at

About Misura Group

Misura Group combines expertise and experience in the Building Materials Industry to help organizations thrive. By implementing proven methodologies, we help companies create strategic succession plans, implement change management strategies, and create cultures that attract and retain talent. These are huge endeavors with significant implications for a company’s overall success. We are here to help you create a robust and resilient company that will stand the test of time. To learn more visit Misura Group online at