ICYMI: New Public Project Payment Protocols in Florida

ICYMI: New Public Project Payment Protocols in Florida

In this episode of The Lien Zone Podcast, we deep dive into Florida’s freshly updated regulations regarding public project payments.

We begin with a closer examination of the “Public Project Notices of Nonpayment, Sections 255.05 and 337.18.” Here, the introduction of a provision allows claimants to assert their right to bond protection if a bond isn’t timely recorded. The episode underscores the necessity of serving a notice of nonpayment on contractors – especially vital for those not directly in a contract with the contractor.

Transitioning to the “Public Project Prompt Payment Changes, Sections 218.735 and 255.077,” effective from July 1, 2023, we dissect significant alterations. Notably, the law now eradicates the previous $1M threshold for its applicability. Furthermore, there’s clarity on the governmental entity’s role in the payment process – from creating a comprehensive punch list to ensuring contractors are promptly paid.

In previous regulations, a contractor might face situations where they weren’t owed any payment. Now, with explicit rules in place, there’s a more balanced approach to handling payment disputes.

For anyone involved in public construction projects in Florida, understanding these changes is paramount. Tune in to gain invaluable insights into navigating these updates proficiently.

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