How to Get Paid for Your Work in 2022 with Alex Barthet (The Roofer Show)

How to Get Paid for Your Work in 2022 with Alex Barthet (The Roofer Show)

Getting paid faster is something every contractor wants. Today’s construction market brings unique obstacles, and legal help is more important than ever. Join us to learn the steps you need to take to make sure you are getting paid for your work in 2022.

Alex Barthet is a trained mechanical engineer who is now a board-certified construction lawyer in the Miami area. His firm was started by his father about 30 years ago, and they now have a team of 30 lawyers who only focus on construction. Alex has many educational outreach resources available to help those in the construction industry, one of those being his weekly podcast, The Lien Zone.


What you’ll hear in this episode:


  • An overview of Alex’s career and the help he offers to the construction industry
  • The biggest issues Alex sees right now for his clients
  • How price escalation contracts are affecting contractors in today’s market
  • Why it’s beneficial to have a lawyer review every contract
  • An overview of the FREE tools Alex provides for contractors (See Resources)
  • Alex’s advice about specific issues for roofing contractors working for a subcontractor
  • How to get paid as a subcontractor
  • Why the unequivocal right to stop work is the most significant issue that should be in every contract
  • Why you have to enforce the lien laws in your state to secure your right to get paid
  • Key provisions to have in place for each job
  • Advice from Alex about insurance:  “ONLY accept a certificate of insurance from the broker, not from the subcontractor himself.”
  • What to do when you are ready to sue
  • What Alex has learned: “The cost in legal fees and the time it takes to litigate a case have very little to do with the strength of your case and how right you are. It has everything to do with how difficult and unreasonable the other side and their lawyer are.”
  • Why arbitration is a better and faster solution in today’s world than litigation



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Mentioned in this episode for state-by-state lien guidelines:  SunRay Construction Solutions

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