3 Principles You Can Use to Prevent Disputes with Sue Dyer of Sudyco

3 Principles You Can Use to Prevent Disputes with Sue Dyer of Sudyco

As a construction lawyer, we deal with lots of project disputes. But what is there was a way to avoid the dispute all together? Today we talk with Sue Dyer of sudyco™ (https://sudyco.com/) and she explains the 3 principles you can use to solve problems on your project before they turn into litigation.

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About Sue Dyer

Sue Dyer, MBA, MIPI is one of the world’s leading experts on trust. Sue founded sudyco™ LLC. Her mission is to have one million leaders devoted to building their business on a foundation of TRUST. She is committed to helping them make it happen! Sue Dyer – Trusted Leader Programs (sudyco.com).

You can connect with Sue on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/suedyer/), listen to her podcast (https://sudyco.com/podcast/), or order her book on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1955940002/). And here is a link to the free gift Sue mentioned on the podcast (http://www.trustedleaderprofile.com/TLP_01.php)

About Alex Barthet

Alexander Barthet is a board certified construction attorney in Florida and holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He manages The Barthet Firm, a ten lawyer construction law firm in Miami, and maintains a construction law blog at www.TheLienZone.com. He can be reached at 305-347-5295 or alex@barthet.com.